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    Default Response Insurance Company

    Just thought I would throw out my insurance company's information.

    I have been using Response Insurance ( for about 18 months now, and they are cheap, but they are internet only and you may have some slowdowns in communication.

    The plus side is they saved me about 40% off what I was paying before. So, for me that was like $300 per 6-months, or $600 per year. Well, at that savings rate, I'm ok with having a slight slowdown because I have to deal with folks on Eastern Time.

    Just throught I would toss that out there.

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    same coverage and all that... and cheaper good deal

    2005 Canyon 28000 2.5
    Lincolnton NC

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    Jr. Engineer Gmcsuvguy's Avatar
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    I pay $1200/year for both the 99 Jimmy and the 01 Youkon, full coverage, less glass. Can't get cheaper American insurance up here.
    Ken Beida
    2010 GMC Sierra Crew Cab 4X4, 5.3L
    2009 GMC Sierra Denali, 6.2L = 403hp, AWD, Full load

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    Thank you for your interest in Response Insurance. At this time, we are unable to provide you with a quote, as we are not currently offering automobile insurance in your state.

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    really? I thought they would have had a lock on the Northeast, as they're based in NY.

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    I like the very low payments that I make to Response, but they did just screw up a payment. They took the money and didn't apply it to my account so it's this big hassle for me to prove that I paid them! It's taken like 3 hours of my time, which is worth far more than the payment itself! So now they cancelled me and I have to pay again to get the insurance reinstated. $176.50

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    Just have my first problem with Response Insurance. They cashed my check but didn't apply the money to my account ... they goofed! That was in January! They took my money, then cancelled my account then charged me like $25 or something to reinstate my account. They STILL have not credited me with the money and I've probably spent like 10 hours tracking this down, that's really annoying.

    Financially I would have been much better off just eating the money and worked a side job or something in those hours that I've spent ... oh well. I'll try sending in a copy of the cashed check again and see if they will take it.

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    I just wanted to follow up. I got my check from the bank and it's clear, they took my money and did not post it to my account. that's fine, mistakes do happen.

    However, they cancelled my insurance and charged me a $15 cancellation fee. When I spent HOURS of my own time trying to fix their mistake, and they wrote me back saying:

    Upon the outcome of our Accounting Department’s research of the payment that was not applied to your policy, we are willing to consider crediting the $15.00 cancellation fee that was applied to your policy as a result of not receiving this payment.
    WTH?!?! They cashed my check, didn't put the money towards my policy, cancelled my insurance, charged me a cancellation fee to get my account back up and running, then I had to do all the work to gey my cancelled check to them (which was hard, becuase it was an online bill-pay check) and then they say that they "are willing to consider" crediting the $15 fee?

    I'm sorry, that's very poor customer service. First, they never said they were sorry for goofing up. Now they might "consider" giving me back my money that they should never have taken in the first place?

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    Just following up on this, it's been three weeks since I sent in a copy of my cancelled check from January and they have told me that they are "in review" of the situation ... that's an interesting way to put it. I guess it's some sort of simple error was made, but any way you slice it, I gave them $90 and then they said they didn't get the money, even though they cached it, then they cancelled my insurance, then charged me a $15 reinstatement fee.

    Now, after three weeks you think they could get that straight?

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    It's sad that it had to some to this, I've been with them for so long, but it's the principal of the matter.

    I just contacted Response Insurance customer service, however enough time has elapsed. Honestly, I really donít care about your system or your processes. I paid you, you took my money, my account was not updated and you cancelled my insurance then charged me a $15 reinstatement fee.

    The event happened in January, after many failed attempts all of the necessary information was confirmed to have been sent properly on May 1, 2009, and today is now May 26. Enough time has passed. Unless I hear back from you today, I will contact the Texas Attorney General, the Texas Department of Insurance and the Better Business Bureau about this matter.

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