Thought I would show how I put the Avalanche to work.. Thanks to Craigslist Easy Cash and meet some Well Nice people... I do these postings all week and can make a few $$$$ some weeks...

What do you think?

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Need to move or get something Large during the snow? Or PU at Ikea? (===NYC=Brooklyn=NNJ===)

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I am free this weekend to help YOU... I have a Clean, Soft riding truck with a Carpeted and Covered 8 Ft bed with tiedowns.
I am Carefull and safe with all my moves. and Have many Ref's to back it up..If you need to pick up something within Bronx/ Brooklyn or NYC Today Please give me a call
I also do Ikea runs and Set ups. I have moved many Treadmills, Couches, Foutons Big TV's and more..

Call me and we can make plans.. I also do Dorm move ins....

I have delivered over 300 Tv's all over the Tristate area Including 7 Big screens to Jugde Judy's house in Ct.

I have a Clean 4x4 with a 8ft covered bed.


Thank you Glenn