Hi guys. Sad news, a buddy of mine bought a 1971 el camino last weekend. Great clean car. Anyway tonight we decided to put her to the test, found us a good straight flat road and went off petal to the floor. We used a GPS to read out our speed, we hit 105 and BAM car is making so much noise. We get out and the drive shaft is sheered off, exhaust destroyed, brake cables cut. The front U joint is gone and the tail of the tranny case is cracked, smells of tranny fluid because its leaking everywhere. Question being, did the tranny give up or the U joint or the drive shaft? As far as we know the car had the original drive shaft and U joints. We do know it had 3.73 gears installed(the reason we needed a GPS to get our speed). I assume we lost our tranny because we couldn't get the car in park to start the engine.