Hey guys, there is a huge annoyance with my truck when driving at highway speeds, it seems that air is passing thru the windows into the cab and is not making a proper seal.

The rubber sealing around the door itself is in good condition but im not sure how well its "adhering" to the door. When going at highway speed, if i "tuck" and press the rubber sealing up into the door from where it hangs at the window it seems to help reduce the noise, this may just be me imagining things as well as it may only be "shifting" the noise, temporarily.

I have never had to deal with this issue in a vehicle (except for driving a car that had been wrecked and we knew it didnt seal well) but this is insane, from a truck that has never been in an accident, to be making such loud wind seeping noises at highway speeds.

Has anyone been thru the same issue, or know any tips to rectify this problem?