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Ok so lets compare apples to apples..... A 5.3L Class IV upgraded gasser to a 4.5L class IV upgraded Dmax both at 600HP rear wheel HP.

Of the 2, which one will have higher mpg's and an engine that will take the upgrades for the long term

if you are taping the the pedal in either truck, they will sip gas/diesel. If you jam the pedal to the concrete, the mpg's will go down, the percentage will be allot less in the dmax. I will have to find a site that does a side by side comparison of equally upgraded silverado's.

Either truck at 600hp will not give you 15mpg or 24mpg. The 5.3L might hit 8mpg's @ 600hp...... the diesel might get you 12-15mpg's (24pmg's being the normal bottom end.
Huh? What's that got to do with you justifying a Dmax with fuel econ that you plan to sabotage by taking it to 600+ HP???