I just got a 98 Suburban and am going through the steps of getting it all as close to ship shape as possible. Right now it is running well when driving, but is a little off sounding/puttering slightly at idle. It does not fire right up either, rather it turns for a few soconds before turning over. Check engine light has returned the PO300 code, multiple misfires... I have replaced the plugs and plug wires. The next day, after resetting the code, the light came back on, I did not have it checked to verify it was the same code. A day later the check engine light turned off, but the idle and starting issues remain. I am now attempting to replace the ignition coil.

I have the new ignition coil ready to install, but can't figure how to get the original off. I haven't found anything real useful online, so far. I did find from this site that there is another 1/2" bolt somewhere on the driver side of the manifold, I think it said, in addition to the 2 bolts at the bracket. It also seems I may have to drill the rivets to remove it, but then will be able to use the bolts that come with the new coil to reinstal. Is there anyone that may have images of the bolt locations to remove the coil and maybe a good process for removing and replacing this critical part of the ignition system in my fine piece of machinery? I also imagine that when drilling the rivets I should use a bit that will still allow me to use the new coil bolts, they look to be 1/4", if I remember right.

If anyone can think of any other areas I could replace/fix/kick to get the errors fixed feel free to let me know. I'm hoping the issue is not a major thing, but it very well may be. Either way I love the vehicle and am having a great time driving it.

Sorry about the length, just trying to paint a good picture.

Thanks in advance either way.