Nice place here.

You can call me Dagwood, after poking around a few places looking for answers about our truck I stumbled on this crowed and you all seem fairly friendly, so I thought I'd sign up.

I live on the east side of Toronto, but cheer for Montreal (Go Habs!) since the leafs suck. Alas this leads to marital strife. I should have checked her hockey affilliations before we got married.

Our 'Thunderbuggy' is an older 2WD 'burban we picked up last fall and have been using as a daily driver ever since. The previous owner put on a full custom exhaust with headers and chrome and stainless, fibreglass running boards, and aftermarket taillights.

We got the Burban because with a family of 6 its near impossible to find a 'family car' that fits a family. We also have a small sailboat we need the ability to haul around, and the burban is about right for puling 7,000 lbs of fg up and down the highway.

Our second car is a Buick, I've always had good luck with GM products, and seem to land on my face with about anything else.

If you pass through Toronto, flip on your CB when you hit Ajax and give a shoutout, I monitor 19 for whatever fun is out there.