I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado LT Quad Cab, 5.3L, 6sp (non duramax) transmission. I was changing the oil tonight and noticed all this oil on the front pan. I cleaned the pan and wiped the transmission lines, drove about 15 miles and there are drips. My transmission was 147 degrees, and the fluid level is at cold.

I believe one of the rubber lines that flex between the radiator and frame are leaking. Is this typical. I have always driven stick shifts. I know my son's Jeep that is 15 years old shows signs of the crimp connection leaking transmissions lines , but a 2 and half year old truck with 56,000 miles!

I searched the forum and it looks like the thing to do is cut the crimp off and replace with hose and clamps.

Anyone else had this problem.