I have a traditional OBD I and OBDII handheld scan tool for basic troubleshooting but being a techie I want my laptop or phone to record and PID's, codes, errors, so I can log them into a file excel can open.

I have tried a couple that sadly only work on Apple devices or Windows, but not on Android (I have my phone with me all the time).

Even my DiabloSport Intune will read OBDII Pids for diagnostics, but the minute you connect it to a laptop and want to log for more than 5 minutes the Intune will disconnect from the laptop and you have to sync it again and start a new log file.

This apparently is something DiabloSport has a very low priority on fixing. Why have a perfect product right?

Finally I have one that looks like it will work and it will be nice once I get it setup.

More information to follow.