Wednesday had my brake booster go out, had it towed to the dealer but not the one I bought it from not to happy with them. Well, dealer calls next day says Brake Booster broke, Axle Seals were leaking due to worn lip, also Tranny cooler lins leaking at their crimps. I have a Powertrain warranty, booster is not covered but the dealer said the seals are, this is where it gets odd according to their computer the only powertrain warranty on it was expired a year ao exactly, bought the truck in October with a new warranty but they can't see the new warranty. Should I go straight to GM about it or go to the selling dealer first? Also, being it was bought an October and all the problems I found since then what I should I do? I understand the whole you get what you pay for but shortly after purchase I noticed the grill mounting bracket was broke off and one of the mounts was broke as well, also foudn a curtain rod on top of the spare tire just sitting there, noted the day of pruchase the rims were all scuffed and the tailgate protector was broken. I am more upset because this reflects how good of a inspection they do given it is a certified GM dealer. Not sure what I am looking for but maybe you all have some input. Greatly appreciated thanks.