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    Default New guy with Some Problems

    hey everyone. new guy here. i personally own an 02 silverado 4x4 4.2 5-speed. i love my truck. my inlaws own an 08 sierra 4-door with a 4.8 2x4. my mother inlaw told me it happened going down the road, but i noticed it a few times when i was accelerating. The truck does fine till it shifts, then itll shift real hardand kinda shook/jolted like it was missing and struggling to pick up speed. and the stabilitrak light comes on and on the message center it flashes between ''service stabilitrak" and "traction control off" and the engine light flashes, and keeps flashing. i noticed a noise sounded like a sqeaky belt kind of when this happened. the lights went off but the noise persisted. and determined the noise was a belt. i got back on the road and went about my business i tried taking off hard seeing if itd do it again and nothing till i was getting on the parkway then it did it again and it seemed like the truck had no power. with all the same symptoms as before. it shifted hard through every gear, the lights kept flashing when i got to speed but everything else seemed fineabout 2 miles down the road the lights went off.
    when these lights aren't on the truck shifts fine. if tried just about everything to get it to do it again.
    i checked the codes it said ''abs disabled info stored invalid serial data'' i forgot to get the code number, and it also had rndm multi cylinder misfire. i'm going to put new plugs and wires on it since it needs it anyway with 112k without being tuned up. but if this problem persists i dont know where else to look. i'm just looking for some suggestions on where i should start or a good starting to point to fully diagnosing this issue.

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