I've been running it through my head for awhile and I'm seriously debating turning my current truck into something that ain't seen very much. I'm a structural welder at where I work at. And I've been wanting to rig out for some time. But don't feel like paying over 15 grand for a used 1 ton flat bed truck to turn into a rig welder. I currently have a 4 inch lifted 94 K1500 chevy truck with a 5 speed, ext cab short bed. The bed is already shot and in need of complete replacing. Well I was thinking. What if I remove the bed, add about 3 foot to the frame *make it about equivalent with a LWB bed* and weld a second axle behind the first. Throw a 14 foot flat bed on it and put a new venture, or M3 granny 5 speed into it. It'd be a dead tandem 4x6. I already have all the tires. Got 3 left over from my last set that I use as spares *damn things to expensive just to get rid of* Maybe use 3/4 ton rear ends? I'm definatly going for 3/4 ton or 1 ton leaf springs and shocks. I figured if I placed the goose hitch on the bed equal between the two axles it would evenly distribute the load. Granted I could redneck all of this for about 5 grand or less instead of blowing 15 on another truck. Plus it'd be a head turning, and would look like one hell of a welding rig. Me and my gramps did this on a 1 ton before, but we moved the rear axle all the way to the end of the frame so it only touched ground when it was loaded with a goose neck. I want all 6 tires rolling all the time though. Thoughts? Input?