I have a 2003 2500HD with the 6 liter gas engine.

I need some information from anyone that might be using Banks system.

My truck is rated for 10400 lbs. I purchased the truck last year to pull a travel trailer, but started looking at 5th wheels. The problem there is the weight. The lightest 5th wheel that we looked at came at just over 9000 lbs dry. This would the upper towing level for my truck. I could do it if I stayed in the mid west. But I want to be able to pull over the Rockies. In 2007 the 6 liter was upped in horse power and had a towing rate of around 12000 lbs. This would be enough for me.

What I would like is information from someone that might be able to help with information on using the Banks Stinger Kit ( ram air inlet, exhaust, tuner). For the $$$ did the performance improve? What happened to mpg?

Thanks for any help