So I was driving down the road, slammed on the breaks and it stalled out. Put it in neutral tried to restart it, it would crank but not actually start. Put it back in park cause now comes the all serious face....did the same thing. Pumped the gas a lil, nothing. At one point I just got some smoke out the tail pipe while holding it down to start. We had a real bad smell of gas, but didn't see any leaks, popped the hood and didn't smell gas at all. Only smelt it while outside of the car. So I Google a quick car wont start after slamming on breaks....saw someone say push the gas peddle all the way to the floor then try to struggled a lil bit but then started. Drove it home and seems ok now. But I'm not happy with that, why did it stall when I slammed on the breaks to come to a complete stop, and why wouldn't it start afterwards? Id like to fix it, if its something that caused it.

It's a 94 Suburban K1500