Funny this topic comes up. Southwest Mi got hit hard with rain and then snow. Roads were ice, but the person I helped wasnt in a ditch or even on the road, she was stuck in the apt. complex. For starters, she didnt clear off any of her windows. So when she was backing up, she didnt know where she was at and backed into the yard. She tried to rock it and ended up making it worse. I asked if she wanted help, so i tried.

She was in a new Dodge Journey FWD. Pulled my truck around and looked under it to see if there was anything to connect too. Nothing, all PLASTIC. So i told her I wasnt going too even try. Went and grabbed some salt and tossed it under her tires. At this point some neighbors came out to help push. We pushed her out and she went on her way, but almost got stuck again trying to pull on the main road. LOL

Much like surreal, situation and severity are a factor. If it takes a long time, I hope they offer cause gas isnt cheap. But if it is quick and easy, not too worried.

What is the going rate for a wrecker now days?