I have a 2002 Chevrolet Suburban with 140K miles. It had 80K when I bought it. It appears to still have the original oxygen sensors. I started looking around for some replacements and found all sorts of conflicting information. Some of the sites even specified a sensor with a connector that is totally different fromt the one I now have.

Here is the information I have from the sensors currently installed on the Suburban:

Manufacturer: Denso

GM P/N 12562943

All four sensors are the same type.

The VIN is 3GNEC16Z32G335199 so it is a vehicle manufacturered in Mexico.

Here is what I think I need to buy: either AC Delco 213-819 or Denso 234-4650.
I would prefer the Denso since thay are about $10 lower in cost and Denso is the original manufacturer.

Some sites claim that the 234-4650 sensor is used only on the Canadian built engine. Could I have a Suburban built in Mexico with a Canadian-built engine?

Any thoughts or comments?