I am currently looking at 2 different setups and I haven't had the time to research both and don't know which is better. Right now from what I have found, both shock packages are good, just wonering if anyone in the forums are running the shocks that I am looking at.

For the Rancho shocks I am looking at running the RS7000MT series, RS7784 Strut on the front end and RS7198 shock on the rear.

The Bilsteins are the 5100 series, 24-186940 Ride Height Adjustable Strut on the front and 24-186957 on the rear.

I have also looked at the Rancho RS5000 series, but from what I have read, they sit a little lower than OEM shocks.

My OEM shocks are worn out and are now starting to leak and need to be replaced. I am looking for a a quality ride on pavement with good off road handling. Just up in the air on which to get? Any help would be greatly appreciated.