I was driving my 2000 Silverado truck and from the dash I hear a medium sound click , like a relay. At the same time ABS,and check Brake lights on dash come on. The speedometer goes to zero, the trip mileage goes to 8888888, and returns to normal then repeats this for about 10 seconds.

I stopped about a mile down the road. Went in and came back out and it started and everything appears normal, then 1/4 mile it starts again and the fuel pump and transmission does not work, then starts to work okay again.I get home and disconnect the battery and reconnect. Everthing appears ok

The next day, I drive 100 miles with no problems. Go to auction and afer the auction it does it again after about 1/4 mile. Then in 1/4 starts working okay again. I stopped at a O'Rellys and they thought it might be the alternator. Since the battery light came on sometimes but did not have the tools to remove the belt. Drove back 100 miles with no problems.

There has never been a check engine light come on although my check battery light comes on at times.

Any suggestions.