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    Default starter ignition problem

    Sometimes my truck will not start. I replaced the starter relay (fuse box under the hood) and that seemed to help for a while. I can tap the top of the relay and get power to the starter and I have even just tapped the fuse box under the hood and got it work. Then there has been times that didn't work. Yesterday it wouldn't start and tapping on the relay didn't work. I got under the truck and tapped on the starter and solenoid with my pocket knife and it started. Today it wouldn't start and I tapped on the relay and got it started. I am thinking there is a loose connection under the fuse box. Has any had this problem before? This is a 2005 Sliverado.

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    next time do not tap anything .have a person hold the key in the crank position and move the wires at/on the starter. move the fat wires first. if it cranks then the starter solenoid contacts are worn /pitted and you will need a new starter. you did check for loose wires at the starter first ?

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    yes I did check the starter wires and they were tight.

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    What does it do when you try to crank the car and it doesn't start?

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    no power to the starter. no sounds, just power every where else

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    You'll want to check for a bad Solenoid then. You will want to check your battery and the wires to make sure that the battery has good voltage and there is not a bad ground. But, more than likely you'll be looking at replacing the starter (the solenoid is attached to the starter). You can remove the starter and take it to an Autozone and they'll check if it's good or not for free.

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