I've been having issues with my 2008 Silverado 5.3l LT 4wd.
When applying the brakes you hear squealing, grinding, and you feel pulsating, judder.
this began to happen on the stock brakes at 53,000 km. Also around this time, I put a rough country 2" leveling kit. Thinking they were warped, I decided to replace the disc, pads, shoes, and rear drums. 250 km later, I am having all the exact same issues. After reading many forums, tips, tricks, ideas, I took a first hand approach.. I took all pads, shoes, disc and drums off, sanded off the glaze, greased clips, and did a proper bedding and 20 km later, same outcome. Squealing, grinding, squeaking, juddering, warped feel.
If anybody has any idea, leave some feedback.
thanks guys