I've got a list of weekend projects that I'm just flat-out not going to be able to do. Among them are:

1) Fence repair after the last storm. Might just hire someone to replace a section of fence.
2) Fix a couple of blinds that are out.
3) Replace a bunch of burned out lights ... seems like the compact flourescent lights are a joke, they maybe last 2x or 3x what old lightbulbs last ... looks like one of them just about melted down on me, not happy with that.
4) Have to clean up my office a little bit, getting ready to take on some more side projects and have to have a neat and clean home office.
5) Have to fix the sectional couch that keeps coming apart. I might just bolt them together and be done with it.
6) Need to price out getting a shed put up in the backyard so I can move stuff out of the garage.
7) Need to spackel the walls and touch-up paint in about a dozen areas.

Yeah, that's about it for now.