I heard from a friend that Harbor Freight currently has a good price on their biggest trailer. Here's a link to it: http://www.harborfreight.com/automot...res-94564.html . Well, I figured that this is a perfect time for me to build my generator trailer that I've been wanting to build for some time now.

The trailer claims a weight capacity of 1720 pounds. Well, the generator weighs in the neighborhood of 1200 pounds and I have a 100 gallon diesel tank to put on the trailer too which will weight around 720 pounds, plus other miscellaneous weight of cables, ground rods, etc, for another 100 pounds. So, total weight is closer to 2000 pounds. I'd be overweight by 300 pounds, but this trailer wouldn't see a lot of hard highway miles. To stiffen things up and to provide solid mounting for the gear, I'd be adding in additional braces and bars under the deck.

The killer for me is deciding where to put everything on the trailer. With the genset weighing 1200 and the diesel tank weighing 720, I've got to figure out how to balance this trailer so I'm not tongue or tail heavy. One thing's for sure, the weight of the generator is a known, but the tank is variable. So, my thoughts are to put the tank over the axle or slightly rear of it, and then put the generator as close to the tank as possible to try to keep tongue weight low and everything over the axle.

Any thoughts on how to balance this thing?