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    Default 1993 c1500 fuel problem

    my 93 1500 just quit running in driveway and does not have fuel coming out of injectors. have fuel to carb and 12v at injector wire but no pulse when starting. could it be computer problem, if so, is there a way to check it before replacing it? i have replaced fuel pump, filter, fuel pressure regulator. i dont wanna replace ecm if there is no signal going to ecm. ive heard there are few other sensors that could cause fuel shut down. i just dont wanna keep replacing parts if not the problem. any help would be much appreciated.

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    also had ignition control module checkd....its good. ive talked to a few techs and all telln me its the computer.....plz lemme know if there is anything else i can check before i go replacing computer

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    Like no fuel at all?

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    bad or dirty injector maybe?

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    Fuel relay switch under the black cover on the fire wall next to all the grounds? Or the fuse for it right on the other side? Have you checked those?
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    See if you've got any codes. The computer actually does have trouble codes for both a failed ECM and PROM.

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    how do you know you have fuel to the Carb? is the pump kicking on when you turn the key into the "on" position?

    The computer should throw a code for bad ECM. The pump may still be bad, even if it is new (ask me how I know).

    An easy way would be to try someone elses computer that is the same as yours, but not many people want to give those up easily.

    Good luck. Hope you figure it out soon.

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    Actually do a fuel pressure test and make sure that your getting the correct fuel pressure first. Also make sure that if your not getting any fuel pressure at all or if your pump isn't turning on that when your key is ON your getting 12v to the fuel pump. Its possible that the ecm is bad because it does control the fuel pulses. Cross pins A and B on the ecm plug in under the dash on the driver side with key on it should flash a code 12 meaning ecm normal, if it flashes other codes find out what they are. Below is the ECM pinout, tkae a paper clip and bend it to cross pins A and B and your CEL will flash. So say your looking for code 12 it will display like this.. Flash....flash flash......repeat 4 more times then a longer pause then it will display other codes or just repeat code 12 again if there are no other ones. So if it was code 55 indicating ecm error is would flash like this....... flash flash flash flash flash.......flash flash flash flash flash.

    Good luck, hope this helps a little!

    Here is the GM OBD1 code list for flash codes if you need it...
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