So this was my dilemma that popped out of nowhere on sunday about 1 hour before I was about to get a re-tune from Blackbear...
Pulled up to my garage and popped my hood because my dad just wanted to look at my engine bay, I dont know why.... we looked for a few seconds, turned my truck off and walked back into the garage.

LITERALLY 10 seconds later I realized I forget my wallet in my truck, turned around and instantaneously i see a jet stream of coolant shooting up at my hood!

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I lost a good bit of coolant in this little ordeal that scared the hell outta me, but found out it was just this little rubber cap on my radiator. (It was obviously very old and dried out, it was very cracked, thats why it blew a hole) I went to a local advance auto parts to pick up a "vacuum plug" and a new hose clamp. Ive never seen this in my life and I talked to a guy at advance to see if this plug was even right to begin with, but he had no answer. So i put back on it what came off and it seems to hold up just fine.

I have a question though... Does anyone know if this is a correct plug to begin with? and perhaps why this plastic outlet is blocked off in the first place?