I was reffered here from a good friend who swears by the people on here, I could really use some help guys!

My problem is -Passenger and driver power seat not working along with passenger front and back power windows. Replaced Jcase fuse 69 which solved the problem but within 2 blocks the fuse popped and could smell serious burning (everything works for those few minutes)

2008 Chev. Silverado
Crew Cab LTZ, 5.3 1500

I am not the most mechanically inclined but I'm also not afraid to get my hands dirty. I think it has to be a short somewhere correct? But I've tryed to trace it back and havnt seen anything that looks like it could be shorting it out.
I read somewhere about possibly a relay problem? (I have no idea what a "relay" is I just read something about it with someone else with a samilar problem)

Hope to hear back and thank you very much a head of time!