I have been putting a little bit of money into my truck this week to get it back in ship shape. I needed a new TPMS Sensor, had that fixed, installed new lock actuators and today replaced inner and outer tie rods on both sides (only needed right side inner, but why not do them all while in there). So today after work I pulled her onto the hoist to do the tie rods. While looking over the truck from the bottom side I noticed one of the trans lines near the front of the truck just above the front skid plate had some moisture around it. It has a very, very slow leak (trans fluid has never been low). I'm not exactly sure where in the line it is leaking but that isn't a concern as I realize I will have to replace the line. My main question is, how difficult is this? This is the first vehicle I have ever owned (always been a lease guy), so I have never worried about anything other than oil changes. I am pretty mechanically inclined just wanted some opinions on the difficulty of this job, time requirements, tools needed, etc. Also, how many trans lines are in the front of the truck and would it be worth changing them all out at the same time once/if I dive into this project.

By the way, the truck has 68,XXX miles and I live in the Metro Detroit area (the salt is GREAT for our vehicles).

I'm not too concerned with having to put some money into it to keep it a nice vehicle, since it was new in Jan 09 the only money I have put into it other than what I've done this week is L.O.F.'s and tires.

Anyone who can shed some light on this would be greatly appreciated!