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The one in the link is considered a "thumper cam", this is a very agressive cam that I would not recommend for a daily driver. Check his ebay store out, he has them sorted by make and model.

As far as heads go this is something I did not get into, mainly because I didn't have the money to invest in them. Your 5.3 would have cathedral port heads, and the LS2 heads are rectangular port meaning you would have to get an LS6 intake to match the ports. Alot of guys are starting to run LS3 heads, because they are better flowing than the LS2 heads even. LS3 heads are also rectangular port.

After I installed my cam swap, we tried to drive it but it wouldn't idle at all!! You would pull up to a stop light and it would stall, or whenever you would hit the brakes it would die suddenly. It would be unsafe to drive untuned.

Yeah sounds like towing is the way to go hah.

For that price it sounds like I might just save up for a blower package and work on beefing up internals to get ready for it.

What would you recommend upgrading for the internals to handle the boost?