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    My truck has 167,000 miles including towing and hauling...still has the factory shocks. No leaks, no bouncing....
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    While they may still "work" and not show leaks; a new set of shocks will sure feel different!

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    I've not had my Bilsteins long enough to know how long I'll get out of them. ~17k miles on them, so far, and loving them. They replaced a set of craptastic shocks that apparently came with the Fabtech lift kit. Those suckers were toast when I bought the truck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by steved View Post
    While they maystill "work" and not show leaks; a new set of shocks willsure feel different!

    Agreed! I compared the ride on my truckto a friends F-350 and mine is definitly rougher. Maybe I shouldbreak down and spend the $$ on new shocks. LOL

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    I have 60,000 miles on my 2011 1500 and I can tell my shocks are starting to get a bit "soft", I'm going to replace them with Bilsteins when it comes time to replace the tires. For which I still have 7/32's tread life on the stock tires.

    I put Bilsteins on my 2006 2500HD with the Duramax when my truck had 7,500 miles and I now have 124,000 miles and there still holding up fine. I pull a ton with that truck from small "bumper Pulls' to 48 footer gooseneck horse trailers. approx. 80,000 miles of that are with a trailer. I love Bilsteins, IMO they are the best shock made.

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    I replaced my OE shocks when my truck hit about 130,000 miles, and, I'm not entirely sure they needed to be replaced. When I asked around, the consensus was that unless they were leaking or the ride was just absolutely terrible, then they were fine. Mine were not leaking and the ride was fine. I replaced them because I wanted to.
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