Hi all, this is my 1st time on this forum. Not sure im posting in the right category ether. I bought a 2011 1500 Z71 brand new, its all stock with 5.3 motor. I was thinking about having a BDS 6" lift kit installed with 35" tires. now here comes my prob. A guy I work with has a Ford with 8" BDS and rolling on 37" tires. I cant have that LOL. I found a company on line called bullet proof suspension and they offer a 12" lift kit that will fit 38" tires. Im sure ill have to have some drive line work done. has anyone used this kit and if so what issues did you have or any good thing you can tell me about them. I don't want a body lift to get the bigger tires under it. any advice would be great. The wheels im going with are American Force wheels that have been polished to mirror finish. does anyone have any feed back on that company? Thanks for any help.