I got in a debate with someone that claims premium gas s better gas. I asked him to define better, he said that premium gas:

contains better detergents
burns cleaner
better mileage
give more horsepower

He is wrong on the first three points. The more power is true ONLY if your engine requires premium fuel. He was driving a Silverdo with a 5.3L engine. I told him unless he has re-tuned his ECU with a programmer, running premium was only going to take more money out of his wallet. He refused to believe me and said that his truck just runs better on premium. I stopped the discussion as he has convinced himself of this.

I have noticed that people that run premium gas tend to want to thump their chests a lot more about the automobiles.

You try to tell people that octane is simply a combustion inhibitor and does not contain secret amounts of power. They won't hear of it. Ignorance at its finest.