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    [QUOTE=AC`s94chevy;552284]Run that for too long you your pistons while have nice holes in the middle of them.LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by stchman View Post
    Premium gas will not give you a 2MGP increase. You'd be lucky to see .1MPG increase.

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    And you have driven my truck to know this?Because I calculated my mpg and that s how I came up with the figure.
    If you are getting 2MPG increase simply by running premium, then stick with premium. The extra $0.30 is well worth it.

    2013 Silverado LTZ White Diamond Crew Cab

    Advent OGM1 Navigation
    Husky Liners GearBox Underseat Storage
    Airaid MIT
    EGR Rail Caps
    K&N Air Filter
    Flowsound 40 Muffler
    Hypertech Max Energy Tune (only top end limiter removed and AFM disabled)
    Chrome Tailgate Handle Cover
    TonnoPro HF-155 Tonneau Cover
    WeatherTech Front and Rear Splash Guards
    Husky Liners X-Act Contour Floor Liners
    WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors

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    I have not tried premium in this seems to like 87 just fine. Running 89 definitely make the low RPM performance of this truck smoother in hot weather, less lugging/surging.

    However; I have played this game with my old beater Subaru Outback. Its a fuel injected 2.5 boxer. I have found (until they started spreading the prices out), I could run slightly more expensive 89 octane, the car ran better, and the mileage was enough that the increase in mileage offset the cost of the 89. Now that 89 is a lot more expensive than 87, the old car gets 87 and I live with the decreased mileage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AC`s94chevy View Post
    Run that for too long you your pistons while have nice holes in the middle of them.LOL
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    Not really...regular gas was in the 112 Octane range in the late 60s...before the EPA came into the picture. I find it funny, a friend of mine with a 68 New Yorker that weighs nearly 6k pounds, rides better than any current production car, and sports a 440 big block with a 4-barrel gets 25 mpg on the highway consistently...never understood how burning more gas per mile netted less overall emissions...

    Friends of mine would go to the local airport and buy avgas when they knew they would be spending the night racing in town...they never had any issue, and those cars were turning between 8k and 9k RPM (balanced/blueprinted stuff)...

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    Stchman...never get in a debate with an idiot....there is no way you can win.

    In a related item...did you know that the guy who stars in one of the "car rebuilding" shows, i think it might be "car chasers" made the same stupid statements on t.v. as the guy in your debate made. How can someone who is supposed to be a car expert make such idiotic comments? Maybe that is where your debater got his info.


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