First off, I have an older Kenwood 350W 2-channel amp that is supposed to power a 10" Kicker CompS. They actually compliment each other power-wise perfectly. They are both under the rear seat. All of a sudden a few weeks ago the amp just stopped working. I checked all the connections and they were tight. So, I tested the connections, the power is going into the amp. BUT, it no longer works. Is it possible that it over heated from being under the seat and just took a $hi* ? What would you suggest for keeping under the seat where it seems there is some heat build up?

Secondly (hopefully simple), I DO NOT have the Bose stereo but I do have tweeters in the A-pillar. Anyone know the size of these and how easy they are to get to? I'm looking to upgrade all the speakers.

Lastly, I've heard it is pretty hard to install a new head unit into these NNBS trucks, is this true? I am willing to take it in if need be but if they are fairly easy I would not mind doing it myself. Last summer I changed the head unit in my boat and it was simple, maybe the truck is simple too?