Hey all,

I haven't been on here in awhile due to work and school. This is the first time I've had a chance to browse the forum in about 3-4 months. Getting onto the reason for posting, my dad had recieved a letter from the dealership we usually buy from during Chevy Truck Month last month. Apparently when your odometer hits a certain mileage (around 20,000) it sends an notification to the dealership, and this is considered to be the "sweet spot" per say for them to resell the vehicle. Anyways long story short they gave him an awesome deal and he convinced me to trade my truck in for a 2013.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures yet to post, but as soon as the weather breaks and I can shine her up I will definately post a few. My previous truck was a Victory Red 2010 Silverado Crew Cab w/ 5.3 that I traded in with 60,000 on the odometer. The new one is a 2013 black crew cab with the 5.3, and I must say there is a VERY big and noticable difference between the two.

First off, from the day I bought my 2010 I could always hear knocking in the engine, especially when it was colder out. After doing research this was from the lifters sticking when the engine first started, and appeared to be very prominent with a lot of the 5.3 engines during that year. GM has now fixed this issue. Second, I ran a Bully Dog Triple Dog GT in my previous truck with the Premium setting, which has the best increase in horepower, torque, and gas mileage. The only downfall was that you have to run 91 octane or higher lol, but after the increase in gas mileage it pays for itself. The 2013 has just as much power as my 2010 did when it had the programmer installed. Also, the suspension feels much smoother even after I put my wheels back on.

All in all I feel that GM has done a great job with improving their Silverado/Sierra line in the last few years. Has anyone else purchased/driven a 2013 that can comment?

Thanks for reading!

- Luke