I took a little trip to San Antonio recently and thought it would be fun to take the trip in a rental 2013 Chevy Tahoe. Why not, I've got the kid all on the 2nd row (or one in the back if they want), I took out one of the seats and left it back home in the garage so we have room for the two suitcases, but there is still plenty of room.

Driving south out of DFW was a breeze, but once we hit Austin we were about to hit rush hour traffic so we opted for SR130 ... that's the new toll road in the middle of the state with a long stretch of 85 MPH open road. Yup, it's legal to drive 85 in Texas ... at least on that road.

I found the road to be very smooth and even in a moderately-heavy 2013 Chevy Tahoe, I had no problems handling the vehicle at speeds closer to 100 then they were to 50. I'll share more when I get a little bit more time to write-up the trip details on how the Tahoe did and upload some photos as well.


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