I wanted to update my electronics without replacing panels or spending a bunch of money, and it turned out pretty sweet.
I'm sharing this in case anybody else is thinking about doing same.
Went from stock CD / radio and wierd lilltle cassette player in the lower panel, to a 2 DIN Touchscreen Controller / Amp and a seperate, but integrated CD / Tuner / Amp - all without changing any stock dash panels. I also upgraded the speakers and added a powered subwoofer recently.
I got a Pioneer AVIC F500BT new for about $175. Also got the little amplifier option for another $60. The amp's important to get to benefit from many of the features. Then used a Sony CD / receiver with built-in 4X45 watt amp. Some Infinity speakers and a powered tube type subwoofer. All totalled, less than $600 into it. For all the features and quality I'm enjoying - some have easily spent 4 times as much or more.
A pic is attached. Here's an overview of what it does for me:
- Now have a full-blown GPS / map system that broadcasts turn by turn directions through the audio system. Also mutes stereo for directions when needed.
- Have reverse camera that takes display automatically.
- My phone automatically connects through Bluetooth when the truck's started. I initiate calls with my voice, and the calls are broadcast through the audio system. My phone's contacts are also synchronized to the touchscreen. Everything's totally handsfree. Also shows who's calling, etc.
- I can now store music and video directly on the Pioneer and/or a USB thumbdrive. With a couple modifications I'm able to watch video while rolling down the highway as well. (required a hardwire parking brake bypass and a software hack)
- I can also drop an iPod on it and operate that through voice or touch, and view the art, etc. on the touchscreen.
Pretty cool for a 13 year old truck!
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