Thinking of just going ahead and throwing a 454 in Betty. I found one here recently at a pick N pull *truck was totaled in the front end and rolled, generally means it was running when it was wrecked lol* For $350 complete you can't beat that. I know I'm going to have to play with bigger shocks and probably torsion bars off a K2500 to support the extra weight *the K1500 Tbars are already maxed pretty much compensating for the front bumper* It's got a 5 speed, but it ain't no heavy duty thing. On a good note, the rear end isn't a stock 10bolt rear end so I'm not worried about tearing that out with to much torque. Radiator of course will have to be bigger. The computer for the 454 *which will come from the totaled truck* I know they use the same computer as a 350 but it has a different chip that runs it. Will a 350 clutch and pressure plate fit? I got a brand new entire clutch *another pick n pull jewel that was still in the box it was bought with alignment tool, throw out bearing, bushin, disc and clutch for $30* and I was hoping to use it. What all would it need *aside from the obvious that any chevy shade treer would know* Thanks