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Thread: Tire help

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    Default Tire help

    I know exactly the size tire I will run will be a 275/70r18, they look perfect on the silverados with the rcx 2.5" front lift and 1" rear lift that comes with the kit... my question is that I am running michelin ltx m/s2 (NOT BY CHOICE THEY CAME WITH TRUCK!) and I personally hate them, they are so stiff so that they can get such high mileage off of them that they ride like an lt tire and i hated them this winter! I want to get goodyear fierce attitude m/t tires which are very simmilar to the duratracs. my problem is that I need a tire that has at least 45k till they are cooked and I want something that will perform very good off the road (in some mud) but i also need good snow/slush/ice traction... oh and i want a nice lookin tread design. Someone pleaseeeee help
    2010 Silverado, Z71 4x4, 5.3, ext. cab, 3.08's, undercover tonneau, 2.5" roughcountry front lift (with .75" rear block), Ranch hand summit bullnose front bumper, ranch hand legend rear bumper, flowmaster super 10 3" ci/co, corsa chrome double exhaust tip, dee zee bed mat, bed rug tailgate rug

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    I've had cooper at3s on 3 different trucks now, they are the best winter/wet traction at tire I've ever had. Not sure if you want to go to an at instead of an mt but the coopers are quiet and ride good, 55k tread warranty.

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    I literately just put the LTX M/S2 on my truck this week. I actually like them so far (but I like my tires stiff). Squatchy's suggestion of the Cooper AT3 was my second choice for the truck. I just replaced Hankook Dynapro which were a little soft for me but did good in mud... and I just looked and don't think they come in that size, never mind.
    There is a Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure in that size, I had that on a work truck we used in a gravel mine and it was surprisingly capable. I had to drag a 12" diesel dewatering pump up a 33% (18 degree or 3:1) slope in that truck and it shocked me how good the tires gripped in 4WD standard. I don't know how it does on ice though, as my understanding is it's a trade off. Get better ice traction by increasing tire surface area, get better mud traction by decreasing (more knobby). I could be wrong though
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    I had Cooper AT3 on my last truck prior to selling it. Had 20k on them and prob would of gone another 20k. Good off road tire for lAll Terrain tire. Bit it was the highway ride that I thought WS outstanding quiet and milage wasn't affected. I have Bridgestone tires now , but when they are done aT3sfor me. Most of my driving is highway anyway.
    Somebody told me they are #1 rated by consumer reports. if that means anything

    2008 Purple LTZ Crew Cab

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    okay just did some physics calculations (i was great at physics in high school which is why i was debating on becoming an engineer but thats besides the point) the rolling weight of adding the 34s would basically be like reading with 1500 pounds of dead weight in the bed... no thanks ill stick with the 275's haha

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    oh and i personally dont like the at3 styling, its too close to the michelins on now which i hate... and bornagainbiker55 i like a stiff ride too which is why i love the RCX kit i just put in im just saying that if im gonna be riding that stiff it shouldnt be on a street p metric tire lol. theyre okay, the only thing that they have going for them is that they have very good traction when going through water on the road at a high speed, by that i mean you dont slide or anything, it feels like the truck is biting down into the ground and you cannot get them to slip, the only thing other than that is they are a very high mileage tire, but in my eyes if i dont like the tire, the last thing i want is it to last forever! hahaha I am still between the fun country dick cepek, stt maxx coopers, mastercrafts (only if i can really be convinced and see how well they perform becaus i love the price)

    BUTTTTTTT... I went by my local goodyear to see if they had any 275/70r18s of any kind so i could roll next to the truck to see and they didnt have any but what they did have was a 265/70r16 fierce attitude (barely as big as my tire now maybe smaller) but oh my gosh... THE TREAD DEPTH AND STYLING!!!! i honestly was about to just break the checkbook out on the spot! theyre nice lookin tires

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    oh last post on a row i promise yall the things I care for in the tire are above average snow/ice performance, offroad performance thats better than an at tire, and around 50k till theyre legally bald (ill run em a little more probably lol)

    Things i dont care about are how much they hum (I have a flowmaster super 10 so i doubt itll overcome that haha), i could care less how stiff a ride it is (im going to an lt tire so i know its gonna be stiff)

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    haha, fair. You care about road noise like I care about looks . I switched TO the "p-metric" because of it's high mileage warranty, because I'm that kind of cheap. You are right on their bite. Now that our little wind storm in CO has died down I tried to break loose this morning on a corner and was shocked.
    I looked at the STT Maxx Coopers when I was getting my new rubber, my tire rep told me he thought they handled like garbage in ice but were excellent in both snow and mud. I know almost nothing about the other two sets. Sorry I can't be of more help

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    I've never seen that Goodyear tire in that size. Closest I could find was 275 65 18...are you sure it is made in a 70 series? You might want to check out the dura-trac, that is available in the size you want.

    Las Vegas, NV...2001 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 Stepside X-cab, 171,000 miles, 5.3, cat-back duals, leveling kit, 3.73, 17" rims, more to come...

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    yea my dads good friend owns a tire shop and he said hed be able to get them in for me, they do exist its just that you only see all the sites sold out and thats because the 275/70s are like the perfect size lol. the 275/70 fierce attitudes do exist! lol

    - - - Updated - - -
    @BornAgainBiker55 hey you realize on the LT275/70r18 (not the p metric size) in goodyear all terrain adventure has a 60k mileage warranty... LOL and when you say theyre "bite" you mean when your going through water how it bites in and nearly squats the entire front one side of the truck lol! and how exactly were you shocked when you tried breaking em loose? and youve been a help trust me! and if anything im glad i can give you information on the tire you just bought! i mean im not exactly sure how long these ones were on mine before i got it but it wasnt like they were brand spankin new but were close to it. they have a ton of tread left on them even going and doing tons of agressive city driving, flying down gravel roads and just torturing the rubber with little jagged stones they use to fill the road in with after the winter from plowing and they have managed to hold tread life

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    sadly, my options in an AT using stock 17" rims were basically limited to a 30k mud tire or a 50/55k AT. Or if they had a good warranty they were still crazy expensive per mile. I'm "paying" $0.018 per mile roughly for the tires assuming the 70k.
    I sometimes like fishtailing (what little the G80 locker allows) a corner when no one's around because I'm still 12 at heart.
    As for bite, I was referring to ability to withstand lateral Gs in a corner, because (see above) I like fast corners and somehow expect my Silverado to corner like my Stingray. Really I'm going to be hard on just about any tire...

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    well Im never gonna be able to fishtail in absolutely anything, had these Courser Mxt's for like 2 days before i decided to go through a field with dead wheat up to my grille and couldnt see what i was really driving through... well it was GIANT ruts from tractor tires going through while it was soft and i was flexin the hell outta my suspension and it was definitley a bit muddy and i never even put it in 4hi. 2wd the whole way and basically was rock crawling it was honestly so rutty. I tried goin to a flat field afterwards still soft and got my rears on the turf and just got her to like 3500rpm where she used to slip with the old street tires on pavement at 2800 rpm and im telling you that locker kicked in IMMEDIATELY and i swear it was like a boosted launch and i dont think i couldve gotten a better take off on pavement, it just ate that turf. I LOVE THEM

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