Hey Guys!
I'm new to the forum and I joined so that I could ask some questions of you more knowledgeable individuals when it comes to trucks. I'm looking at getting a used Chevy Silverado 4x4 1500 and I'm debating on what kind to get, Crew Cab, Extended Cab, or a long box model. I'm looking more into the extended cab and crew cab models because I think the long box models look a little too big and awkward. The best thing that I'd like to have but I'm not sure if you can find it is a crew cab model with a 6'6" box on the truck. I'd like to have the space in the bed along with the space in the cab. It seems if you get the crew cab that you are going to have to sacrifice on the bed length and if you get the extended cab that you are going to have to sacrifice on the cab length in comparison. Does anyone have any suggestions on here??

Also, do you guys post feedback if I were to find a truck that I like? Could I post it on here along with any links and you can give me feedback to whether or not it is a high price to pay for a specific model? Thanks all!!!