Hello, I am in the process of putting my differential back together. This is what I have done so far: I replaced the pinion bearings and races. I reinstalled the pinion gear and bearings and tightened the pinion nut to a preload of 19-20 in lbs. All seemed well and the pinion yolk turned smoothly. I inspected the carrier bearings and bearing caps and they still looked good so I decided to reuse them and the 2 spacers, one on each side. I intalled the carrier and tightened the bearing cap bolts to their specified torque. Now, the pinion yolk is so tight I can only turn it with a crescent wrench. What did I do wrong? Will it get better with gear oil in case and a break-in period to seat the new bearings and races and get everything back into line? This project has taken a couple of weeks to complete, so most of the oil has drained from the carrier and bearings. Or do I need to tear it down and start over again? Your help and expertise will be greatly appreciated.