So I have a friend of mine that I go way back with. He has always liked my truck and always grips at me for not keeping it clean. I honestly don't see the point in spending so much money to keep my truck clean because I do a lot of hunting and that involves me going down a few back roads which covers my truck in dust. Well anyways a few days ago I half assed washed my truck. Mainly to get all the bugs and bird blood from the bird I hit. Well he mentioned that I should have at least put some tire shine on my tires because they look terrible which they did but I just gave him a look and said that requires more money.

Well today while I am working I noticed him by my truck. I didn't both to go over and ask him what he wanted or was doing because I was at work. Well when I go off work I knew just what he did. He bought some of that tire shine and cleaned my tires. Well I didn't think anything about it and got it my truck and took off. Well a short distance from my work there is a red light and it just happened to change right before I was committed so I went to hit my brakes and I didn't have any. The sob put them on my brakes and I also found out he put it on my tread as well. Let's just say I put him in his place and made him feel yay big.