I'm working on a 1980 Volvo 265 Wagon that has an S-10 or Blazer 4.3 in it. I would like to add cruise control to the car - but i want to use the Volvo cruise control switch and wiring and the Chevy cruise control module. To do this, I will need a wiring diagram for both vehicles. Obviously I don't expect anyone here to be able to help me with the Volvo part of the wiring, but I was hoping that someone would have a wiring diagram or something that tells me what wire goes to what on the cruise control wiring for the Chevy?

Also need to know if the aftermarket pulse generator I have in line with the speedometer cable will work with the blazer cruise control module. It says right on it that it produces 8 pulses per revolution, I dont know what the blazer cruise control module needs as far as a pulse goes from a VSS.

Any help would be appreciated.