I'm troubleshooting an issue with my front end. It started recently while I was away and my fiance was driving it. She said she hit the curb once, but didn't think she hit it that hard.

It pulls to the right. A little at first, then more and more as I drive. Eventually, it's quite difficult to keep straight.

I had replaced the brake pads and shocks a little while ago, but didn't do the rotors or bearings. So, it seemed a good theory that there was a bad bearing.

So I replaced both rotor/hub assemblies with all new bearings. Went well. Brakes feel nice.

Didn't help the pulling.

I'm looking for ideas on how to troubleshoot this and confirm a diagnosis before spending too much more money. It's an old truck that I would rather not take to a shop as they will tell me it needs new ball joints, bushings, and everything else they can hit me up for. The truck rode like a champ before I left town, so I just want to fix this problem and get back to driving it, not replace the whole front end because it's old.

Any thoughts on where to start?