what's up guys I own a 2005 chevy 2500 reg cab 6.0l with a 7"BDS ntbd. need some help here I've been looking on other forums trying to figure out what my loud obnoxious engine knocking is .
so I get home on Sunday from work go to bed. wake up Monday morning start my truck up and sounds like a freaking hammer hitting . my oil is good no metal in it. the lubricity is good I don't even know if that's a word but yeah. also I was reading about flex plates bending . I'm pretty sure it's not that. sound like passenger side lower area. checked for broken exhaust studs none are missing ., I'm at a stand still . just weird how this happened over night. . I don't know if it's a bad intake manifold gasket . but yet again I am not loosing coolant. also I was wondering if it could be a injector ?? making piston slap. or bad knock sensor. have the timing off . it's bad enough that it vibrates my whole truck.

please help I would really appreciate it