I have a '89 Sierra SCSB 305 5spd that got parked when the 2nd kid arrived, and officially neglected by the 3rd. Now, my oldest is getting her license and can't wait to call it "hers". The repairs are planned for this spring, and she'll be turnin' wrenches right along side of me. I've had big plans for it, but we'll start with just getting it road worthy and go from there.

More than a few folks have tried to buy it over the years, but I just won't let it go - too good of a truck. It needs a rad support, brakes, and rear springs, but I've been eyeing a complete cab a few zip codes over that would make body repairs easier. Look, two more saved from the shreader!

Of course, there's also the '58 Jaguar MK I Saloon that I picked up last year (yes, dear, I know...) just to keep it out of the scrap pile. I'd never seen one before; I just wanted to look at it; the guy took $100 and helped me load it - what would you do? The grille alone goes for 3 on the net... This'll be the kids-are-all-gone project - restored body/interior, custom frame, SBC, triple duece, cut outs through the front fenders...

Keeping the front line stuff running is priority, but you love the older vehicles for getting you this far. By the way, Da Bus is still running strong, been to countless ballgames and wedding parties, but still isn't painted. ;)