Hello All,
I found this site while hunting for some helpful instructions. I just picked up a 1996 z71 from the original owner a few days ago. Funny thing was, I wasn't actually looking to get a truck. I was meeting a guy to look at a set of dana 44 axles for my jeep cherokee when we started talking about how I wanted my cherokee to be a weekend vehicle and I want to find a good truck as a DD, and then this guy was looking for a cherokee as a project and he has 3 trucks. The rest was history. I figured I can build a cherokee at anytime that I want.

Anyways, My cherokee was pretty sweet, but having a truck is a must right now............especially with a family, home, and yard.

The z71 is all stock and in good shape. It does need the timing set, someone messed with the distributor thinking they would adjust the timing and now the CEL is on and it idles rough, but smooths out as RPMs rise. I pulled the code and it said "crank and cam position........somethingornother" but I know that the timing is adjusted by the PCM but the cap still needs to be set correctly. Ignitions timing at idle was -21 to-23 degrees according to the code reader.

So I hope to get alot of insight and help from here since this is my first GM truck. So far I really like it, but it does need some TLC. Ill post some pictures later, its a good looking truck for its age.