Just so I know what I am getting into, I have a few questions about doing some things to my 96 Z71.

1. The previous owner of the truck disconnected the oil cooler from the radiator. He says that it leak really badly at the connection so he pulled it and plugged the hole. I am still getting some leaking from the "plugged" hose. Should I research getting it all connected back up with new lines or just try to plug the hoses better?

2. How hard is it to replace the exterior door handles? My passenger side is broken.

3. Is there anyway to set the distributor cap correctly without a scan tool? or get it close? From the looks of it, its a good ways off right now(CEL is one and the code is for cam and crank interference......or something like that) and it idles rough but clears up once you get on the gas.

I know those are some what open-ended questions, but I believe most C/K owners have some idea of what I am up against here. Thanks for any advice you may give.