Ok folks I'm workin multiple angles to try and figure this out, but I'm bettin somebody here will have a faster answer!

I purchased the Volant Ram scoop to compliment my Volant CAI, but have yet to install it. Although VERY dry out here in the desert, it does rain occasionally. My issue is with the semi flooded streets and the ram scoop. See, I can tread 14" of water no problem in the truck, but the scoop opening would be below the waterline. I'm concerned that at 35-45mph, I may force water up into the intake box and cause myself some serious problems. I'm not overly confident that I will be "just fine" which is why I'm lookin for some fellow gear head guidance. IF it turns out to be an issue, I'll wait to install the scoop when I've figured out how to equip a decent plug for the opening. Would rather cap it from the outside instead of having to pull the filter out to cap it every time the moronic weather person says it MIGHT rain . Not sure if it's relevant, but I also have the Power Core filter installed. Cheers and thanks again!

Oh, and if it turns out I need to plug the goram thing, I'd love to hear ideas! Thanks!!