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Didn't know about the interior. As for AFM, I am aware if I disable it, it will be off at all times; unless I pull the box out of the DLC (if I get the Range unit). As for M5, yes, it turns off AFM. As for hwy, on the interstate here in UT it does not remain in AFM mode that much due to the hills. I do not believe turning it off will affect fuel mileage that much in this area. If I lived in flat states, I could see it having a greater affect on fuel mileage.

Factor Nav is ok, like the interface with Onstar and like the USB port for MP3 files. However, I have used Pioneer units in my H3s. Had a AVIC Z1 in my 06 for two years, and then transferred it over to my 08 in 2008, and late last year pulled it and replaced it with a Pioneer 940. The screens and interface are more friendly, and like the direct plug into the front of the unit for a micro sd card.
I've held back on the intune tuner myself for the same reason, I was a Ford dealer tech and I know we could see a lot more than people thought we could. I was told by diablo reps they leave no water marks but, I know GM better than that and figured the data logs were deeper than tune guidlines. Your post proves it; Any links to the range module you sited? I see your link above, but on the link you post the only thing I can see that module doing is increasing the use of AFM. I want to shut it off, my dealer said they could not when I asked.