Hey Everybody,

Thanks for reading my post. This is my first post so hope I get my question right. Ok, I just purchased a 99 Ex-cab Z71 with 105k miles. One owner, really nice. Ive put new brakes and rotors on the rear, new shocks, and plugs. It had 285/75r16 on it and I put back the factory size of 265/75r16. I am also getting ready to change the tranny fluid and filter and diff fluids.
Ok so I've been doing a bunch of reading on here about the torsion bars and looked at mine. The driver side was all the way in and the passenger side was probably about half. Is this normal? Also, the rubber bumpers on the front suspension are literally touching the bottom plate. I just took the truck in for an alignment and specifically asked about the factory ride height and they said they check it cause thats part of getting it in line. Well the truck pulled to the right and still pulls to the right. I also looked at the parts that they would have put a socket on to adjust and they looked like they've not been touched. But yet they told me it was out pretty good and showed me the print out from before and after.
So if my torsion bars are weak and I need new keys won't this mess up my alignment? And if I put in the new parts doesn't that void the 6month warranty on the alignment. If they even did it. GRRRR
Sorry if this is lengthy but just want to make sure I explain everything that I can so it helps with ya'lls assessments.
Oh yea, I have the lovely "clunk" "chirp" noise when making a stop, then another clunk as soon as the brakes are released. What is weird is that if I put it in neutral before making the stop, NO CLUNK! Yup u-joints are fine. Gonna try the GM special lube then the nickel plated yoke. I even tried the bouncy ball trick, HAHA, didn't work and was removed.
Ok I think thats all. Thanks again for sticking with me and can't wait for the great advise and help.

God Speed