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    Now that gasoline has come down, then gone back up, then come down, and now going back up again .... people still thinking about propane conversions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    Now that gasoline has come down, then gone back up, then come down, and now going back up again .... people still thinking about propane conversions?
    No, I dont think its cost get the mileage in a gas truck I would have to buy twice the propane.

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    My dad had a propane conversion in an old jeep. Worked good if it helps. Its definitely a different application but not the point lol
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    You really have to do the math (miles you drive and MPG you get) to see if it is cost-effective to get an aftermarket propane or CNG conversion (by the way, they are not the same). That is why propane and CNG are most attractive to fleet vehicle owners. In some areas, CNG is so much less than the price of gasoline that it is cost effective to almost anybody. Utah and Oklahoma have some of the lowest prices in the country and as well as good infrastructures of fueling stations. With California recently booting all hybrids out of the carpool lane, this makes CNG dedicated vehicles that meet CARB standards for single-occupant access to the carpool lane very demanding right now.

    Here in Utah, CNG is $1.25/GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent). Due to the price difference between regular gasoline, this makes my Silverado get an equivalent of about 38 MPG and my Cavalier about 88 MPG.

    2003 Bi-Fuel 2500HD CNG/Gasoline (equivalent 40 MPG)
    2003 Bi-Fuel Cavalier CNG/Gasoline (equivalent 90 MPG)
    2011 Traverse

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    I have my 2007 GMC Yukon converted to LPG.
    It starts with gas, until the system gets "warmed up" and then switches to propane.
    I have a 100 liter tank where the spare tire use to be, it fills to 80% by law, so about 80 liters.

    I am from Toronto, Canada gas is about $1.30/liter which ends up costing me about $125-$130 to fill up on gas and propane is about $0.43/liter. Which ends up costing me about $35 to fill up.
    Many gas stations around carry it so I dont have to drive around to find one.

    I noticed couple things on the propane- some drop in horse power/pickup but for what it's saving it's well worth it.
    There will be a small clicking noise (propane injectors) that can only be heard if you open the windows and listen for them.

    Couple issues- well not really issues just annoying things about propane
    - if you fill up and the temperature is above 23degrees outside, you will not get the 80 liters on an empty tank
    - colder it is, the better fill up you get
    - the air conditioner just KILLS the mileage.

    On a $35 fill up I get about 420km without running the A/C and thats mixed highway/city driving.
    If I use the air conditioner, on the same tank I will get maybe 320km if I'm lucky.

    It cost me $4500 to get the system put in, it came with a 3 year unlimited km warranty.

    Any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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    Propane vs. CNG.

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    CNG was an option as well.
    With CNG the gas company will install a connection in your garage here. Only issue is cng is about 69.9 cents/liter.
    propane is usually under 45 cents/liter with the exception of this cold winter. It went as high as 1.15/liter!

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